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What They’re Saying about Elixxir
“Imagine living to 120 in youthful vigor, free of disease, ELIXXIR IS LIVING PROOF of the process” — LIFE EXTENSION MAGAZINE; “AMAZINGLY [...]
#1 Reason Why The Elixxir Program Works
Before I give you four great reasons why The Elixxir Program works — inquiring minds want to know, let me first answer your question “What is [...]

Elixxir is unveiling his Youth-Extension Project. Not just life-extension. But Youth Extension! To train Beautiful/Handsome Youths, Male & Female, Between the ages of 18-27 on The Elixxir Program. For Life.

If you are qualified, and you apply and are accepted, you will be trained on The Elixxir Diet and The Elixxir Lifestyle. By Elixxir, the diet’s creator and master coach.

In addition to dramatic slowing of your aging, The Elixxir Diet will also slash your risks for heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s. Last but not least, The Elixxir Diet is also the best antidote to Acne, Overweight & Obesity.

When The Elixxir Diet is coupled with The Elixxir Lifestyle, it’s La Dolce Vita!….The Sweet Life!

As Elixxir says, “Stay Young & Save the World!”

Watch Elixxir’s video below for details. See why Investor’s Business Daily’s veteran reporter crowned Elixxir as “the only anti-aging guru who has actually stayed young”.

Do you Qualify for The Elixxir Project? Should you Apply? Watch Elixxir’s video carefully. It will give you invaluable hints on how to apply…successfully.

To get Free information and an application form for The Elixxir Project –Elixxir’s longterm Youth-Extension demonstration project, or to get a press release, send email to

“Imagine living to 120 with youthful vigor, free of disease, Elixxir is living proof of the process.” — Life Extension Magazine

“(Elixxir is) Amazingly Youthful” — Dr. David Weeks, BBC Commentator & Anti-Aging Researcher

Elixxir is “his own best argument” for The Elixxir Program — Jamie James, former New Yorker magazine art critic

“Seeing is Believing!” — Marilyn Much, veteran business reporter

Elixxir’s Youth-Preservation Project. Should You Apply?
Master Coaching
Have you ever heard of any Olympic medal-winning athlete who was his or her own coach? We have not. As far as we know, every Olympic gold, silver or bronze [...]
To Stay Young, Make *It* Your Religion!
For Elixxir, staying young is his Religion. It’s the secret of his being able to pass for 29 in his sixties. As Dr. Michael F. Jacobson, Ph.D., the [...]
Aubrey de Grey Gets Elixxir Challenge
AUBREY de GREY is the recipient of the second ELIXXIR CHALLENGE.  Elixxir — known as “the only anti-aging guru who has actually stayed [...]
How Much is Your Life Worth?
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How Over 2 Billion Mortals Thrive on ‘Impossible’ Diets
Is  The Elixxir Program diet too demanding? Is Elixxir a superman so that only he can do The Elixxir Program?  Absolutely Not. The truth is over 3 billion [...]
Elixxir Looked 18 at 42, says Anti-Aging Expert Dr. David Weeks
In their bestselling book “Secrets of the SuperYoung,” Dr. David Weeks (the author of a longterm study on people who look much younger than their age) and [...]
A.A. Demands First 90 Days; The Elixxir Program First 8 Weeks. Why?
A.A. (Alcoholics Anonymous) tells its new members they need to attend 90 meetings in their first 90 days.  Otherwise, they’re not considered serious.  [...]